About on the Edge of Perception

The Edge of Perception comic is about, basically what the title says. It's about everything that lives on the edge of human perception. It's the vague and the elusive. It's that shadow that follows you down a dark street, and the face behind you that's reflected in a mirror.

The main character, a young lady named Tarren, is from our world. Or ata least, one very similar.
And for reasons unknown to her, she's been dragged into a whole other world. The world where these strange beings live. The things we can only catch a glimpse of, are alive and making a living in this world. They call their world, Dremclith.

Tarren must now struggle through a world she doesn't understand, that -she is quickly discovering- doesn't want her there. Together with some unlikely friends, She must try and unravel the mystery as to why she was brought to Dremclith in the first place. And try to survive long enough to get home.

Brittni Bromley, is the writer, designer and illustrator for the EOP comic. Always fascinated with the idea of the things we can't fully see, or focus our attention on, Brittni decided to write a comic dedicated to those shadows.
The story will flow through various elements before finally reaching it's conclusion. There will be many elements of story telling, character and creature design, as well as the style of the art itself.
Brittni wanted to do something that was different from all the other comic books our there, to stand out, with both unique story, and a unique art style.
The first issue is done in markers, on bristol paper. Later colours were added in photoshop. The second issue, which is currently in production, is following the story and the level of understanding the characters are gaining for their situation. It will be done in all digital format, with some traditional textures.

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