About the Characters


Tarren is the main character, she comes from a world not unlike ours. She was dragged into a new world, now she has to figure out who brought her, and why? As she struggles to find the reason she was brought here, and find a way home, she must also avoid those who are out to kill her.


Zarroth is a friendly, if not strange, inhabitant of Dremclith. He is a Ruggata from Morpheus Delta V. Once, when the portals to Dremclith were open he traveled from his world. But got stranded when the portals closed, he has since made the best of things, making friends and helping stragglers like Tarren.

Eberid and Sevieen

One of the more, interesting, creatures of Dremclith that Tarren has encountered. Generally know as "The Twins", these two brothers are well versed in the history of Dremclith. Unlike Tarren and Zarroth, the Twins are Drems, born of Dremclith. Eberid is the self proclaimed eldest, and is more confident of the two. Sevieen is less so, and tends to keep his head lower than his brother.


Zannook is the 'Speaker', the leader of the creatures known as the "lurkers". Lurkers are dark creatures that serve Damaar, the people refer to them as "The destroyers of hope, that feed on despair." Their appearance is that of a hooded man, with bird-like wings and a pale, expressionless face -like a mask. Some have the feet of a bird, and all carry great swords or spears.

God King

This is a King who believes himself above all else, and has named himself "The God King", killing any who oppose him. Not much else is known about this king, only that he came in power long ago. A few decades before Tarren's arrival, he sealed off all entries and exits to his world. He is a harsh ruler and allows the Lurkers to run free. Often sending the dreaded Damaar the Impaler, or his right hand, The Vyric Knight to bring destruction upon those who speak against him.

Darthord Vita

Darthord-Vita, Lord of the Vyric Lands, Right hand to the God King. Shortly after the God King took the throne, Darthord-Vita came as if from nowhere, and pledged himself to the God of Shadows. In return for his loyalty, he was giving the Vyric lands to govern. Or so stories say. One thing that is known for certain. The presence of the Vyric Knight is not a good omen, and usually results in the complete eradication of a species or the destruction of an entire area. Creatures, people, and the land included, nothing can outrun him.


Damaar, the Impaler. Destroyer of dreams, devourer of hopes. Like many of those who serve the God King, not much is known about Damaar. Only that he is very powerful. The Lurkers worship him, and will do anything he orders. Unlike the Vyric Knight, who only appears on business of the King, Damaar freely roams Dremclith. Despite his appearance and tendencies to move slowly, stalking and taunting his prey, Damaar is very fast - able to create shadow portals at will. He serves the God King only because he enjoys the darkness brought on by the King's rule, and the amount of "prey" he now has. Feeding off of the dreams and hopes of the people like a vampire.